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I love weddings and I love to travel. Therefore being destination wedding photographer seems the perfect fit. I really love the dynamic that our team brings to every photo shoot. We understand the anxiousness the bride and groom feel before the ceremony, so we try our best to keep them relaxed and work fluidly with their needs.

There is always a story to tell. Every couple has something to share – between themselves, with their family, and with the world. I merely try to capture a glimpse of a single chapter of their lives – a chapter of connection and the lovely side of the human experience. I often get asked how I would describe my style. The one word that comes to mind is fluidity. My whole approach to shooting – and business – is fluid, relaxed, and “human”.

Photography is more than just a simple art form used to capture pretty pictures. People are more than just clients hiring me for an important project. Couples are three dimensional individuals with dreams, hopes, desires, and stories. My photography is a means by which I develop a set of comprehensive imagery that documents all the moments worth remembering. I bear testimony to what makes us human – love.