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Maryum + Sajid | Album [Slideshow]

So, this was one of my biggest weddings ever and required me to travel to two different states. At the time, I was working with Sahid Limon of Limon Photography. The wedding, like typical Southeast Asian weddings, consisted of four days – two days would be held in Youngstown, Ohio and the other two days would be held the following weekend in Newark, Delaware. After developing hundreds of pictures, I designed the couple a 15×10 landscape album – it opens up to a gorgeous 30×10 print. the album design was done solely by me, but it features pictures from both Sahid and I. Since the spreads are a little too wide to post within the blog, I’ve made a slideshow of it here: VIEW SLIDESHOW

My goal with this design was to use cloth and vintage textures, but not let the background take away from the pictures. The textures themselves were stock images from various different resources – they had to be heavily edited to appear as they do.

Rebecca + Jacob | Wedding

I don’t have the words to describe how nice these two are. Their connection, love, and values makes it easy for everyone to like and respect them. Rebecca is a down-to-earth girl whose main goal in life is to be her Jacob’s best friend. Jacob is a laid back guy who just wants to make Rebecca laugh. Together, they are truly lovely. Their wedding was held at a $3.2 million dollar house and the community’s lake house. The day was absolutely gorgeous, albeit a little hot. The day was filled with emotional moments – from Rebecca and her father praying before he gave her away to Jacob crying as he saw Rebecca walk down the “aisle” with her father.

The reception at the lake house went past sunset and the view was beautiful. Dinner was served under a tent and then the toasts, dances, and presentations proceeded on the deck. As far as the bridals go, we had gone out to a couple of places at Raleigh downtown a few weeks before the wedding. Just like the wedding day, the weather and light were precisely what I had hoped for. Here are the pictures:

The Bridals

The Bride’s Wait

The Ceremony

The Couple

 The Reception

Anonymous - where were these pictures taken??… beautiful pictures