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A Father’s Prayer

I became… I am…

… a father.

Today, the person I love the most isn’t my son. It’s my father. Because now, I understand what it means to shift from the pleasure of receiving to the pleasure of giving. Because now, I learned to love unconditionally. Because now, I get the significance of the sacrifice my father has made.

To my son,
I wish that the BEST of my actions are mere shadows in front of the SMALLEST of your good deeds. I wish that the poor and oppressed smile when they hear your name and that the rich and powerful are humbled at the sound of your footsteps. I wish that you are a man of honest and strong actions rather than of empty and weak words. I wish you greatness in all its great forms.

I pray that The Lord doesn’t inflict you with what He Chooses to inflict others with. I pray that He doesn’t try you with what He Chooses to try others with. I pray that He doesn’t take away from you blessings that He Chooses to take away from those around you. And I pray that He Blesses you with greatness that only a few have been Blessed with. Amen.

To my viewers,
Meet Zhulqarnain…

Amna Hakim - congrats Saad and Mahroo! he’s soooooooo perfect masha’Allah! :)

Faraz - Congratulations!! Zhulqarnain is a beautiful name :)

I became a father a little less than two months ago, and I wish I had known this beautiful prayer you made for your son, mashaAllah!

Seham - Ameen!! MashaAllah! He’s beautiful! I am ecstatic for the both of you! May Allah bless him with a long, healthy life. And how lucky for him, he gets to look back on such beautiful pictures of himself. :)

Sara - Mabrook guys mashaAllah! May Allah make him the light of your eyes, make him strong, bless all his doings, and bring blessings upon you and your family.

MK & SK - masha’Allah, congrats to both of you. beautiful dua, Saad, may Allah accept & bless each & every emotion therein.

tabeen (bibi) - once again, congratulations to maukhala and saad khalu, Masha Allah, beautiful words along with the most beautiful blessing of all, may Allah Subhanatalla bless Zhulqarnain (zekey, hubernain) with a great life. Ameen.

Anjum K - MashaAllah mubarak!! May he grow to be a sincere Godfearing Muslim and May Allah shower protection over him, ameen.

taqwa - sooo beautiful mashallah!! May Allah Bless him with a long, healthy life geared towards the pleasure of Allah (SWT)

ayesha - yayyyyyy i was so waiting to see this!
the pictures are beautiful but the duaa is even more so, saad; may Allah accept all of your duaas for your son (can you believe it? your SON? :) ) children truly are the greatest blessing life affords you… he will change you in so many ways and teach you so much (patience especially lol), and bring you so much joy. alhamdulillah!
can’t wait to meet him! and i LOVE the name! it’s powerful :)

seema - Congratulations Mahroo and Saad! He is absolutely beautiful mA! May Allah give him a very blessed life and ameen to your duah for him.

Samra - Congratulations to you both! Mashallah he is absolutely perfect. May Allah swt keep him protected always and let him be the coolness of his parents’ eyes. Ok btw that Moonlight Sonata in the background got me all scared because I thought I was hearing things, but turns out it was coming from your slideshow… lol..

Shama Farooqui - Beautiful words…beautiful baby mA! Congrats to you both!

taiyyaba - subhanallah :) i could compliment the photography, which is awesome, but in this case the subject is more beautiful than the shots MashAllah. may Allah bless Mahroo and Saad and little ZulQarnain with health and iman and happiness inshAllah.

sana - Ameen! Love the pics mA, so cute! Can’t wait to see him again iA :)

Esha Baloch - I’m so happy for you both! May Allah bless Zulqamain with a long, happy, healthy life – Ameen. He is adorable mA! Great pics as usual :)

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