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After finishing off the winter wedding season around New Years, I now have a few weeks to catch up on processing, album development, and designing. There’s always something to stay busy with. Currently, I’ve been working nonstop on the new S2S Blogsite Mahroo and I want to launch. What’s a blogsite? It’s pretty much the blog that gets extended into a flexible, fluid, and complete website. One thing we learned from last year is that while Flash sites are pretty, they’re also static, unintuitive, and redundant – all form and no function. So, I got to coding and hopefully we can launch the complete blogsite real soon.

Another thing I’ve been looking forward to is getting published. Mahroo and I are currently putting together a bunch of wedding portfolios and submitting them to a few popular wedding magazines and online resources to be featured. Submitting work always becomes a challenge as what magazine editors might want is completely different than what our clients might want.

Speaking of online wedding resources, I had an interview with The Sari Clad Bride. Be sure to check it out.

The Sari Clad Bride

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