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Seema + Bilal | Wedding

Let me start off by saying that this is the longest post I have ever made and there are a LOT of pictures, so if you’re on narrowband… my apologies. Also, this set is the best work I have shot in my career thus far.

Bilal and Seema are a couple that can only be described as EPIC – like Solo and Leia; Rocky and Adrian; Jack and Rose. By themselves, they are individuals that bring people together, but together they are the couple that inspires. They are the clients that become close friends naturally and leave a lasting impression on you in just a handful of days.

[ The first day, there was a small brunch at Seema’s house where we took care of the bridal party pictures and did a couple’s session at a nearby field. The Mehndi was scheduled for later that evening – lots of dancing and lots of energy. ]

[ The second day was the shadi (wedding event hosted by the bride’s family) at the Durham Marriott. We pretty much spent the whole day with Seema and Bilal and got the opportunity to setup a great “first look”. The shadi was very intimate and the “ruksati” (leaving of the bride) was one of the most emotional ones I have had the pleasure of covering. Oh yea and also, while the cake started to melt, it was ridiculously good. Yes, I know – I love cake. I shouldn’t, but it’s just one of those things… ]

[ Due to how big this post has already become, here are just a handful of my favorite images from the walima (wedding reception hosted by the groom’s side). ]

madihakasi1 - wowwwwwww…..i luv all your photography wowwwwww

Don Monteaux - Gorgeous images. The fact that I don’t know this couple and I still enjoyed viewing every image speaks loudly to your creative work.

S.Siddiqui - You guys are amazing….a lot of people do awesome photography but only a few can capture moments this intricately…. :-)

claudia zavala - OMG!! these pictures take my breath away! Seema you and your husband look so beautiful. Congrats!!!

qudsia mohsin - Congratulations Seema and Bilal. Memorable moments captured in the most beautiful way! May Allah shower this couple with His Blessings.

Mateen - You know you are not a photographer – you are a magician with the camera!

I wanted to use ‘excellent work’, but just realize they need to invent a word for kind of work you do!


Sana Ahmed - These pictures are beautiful! Of course, with a bride as beautiful as Seema, that’s not a hard task, but you guys truly do some awesome work. May Allah bless you and keep success coming your way

AN3i Photography - WOW, very nice, impressive!!

huanina - lookin stunning both of you! they did a really good job – well done and congratulations to both of you… you look v.cute 2gether.

fisdj - You truly outdid yourself this time Saad. mA such a great set. The whole package is completely undeniable. Much respect bro =)

Marja & Saleem Aziz - Beloved Bilal & Seema, unforgetable moments captured forever, Masha Allah. As said “couples are made in heaven”.
Well done, Photographer.
Marja & Saleem Aziz

Fouzia Faheem - I am very proud of both of you guys- both of you did a fantastic job!

Bilal + Seema Janoo – beautiful pictures! I was wrong – your choice in a photographer was very very wise – they are a very nice couple, God Bless them.

Bilal and Seema, All Praise is due to Allah Who Blessed both of our families- I love you both.

Reza & Mariam - Even right now, we are trying to think of something to say, yet we are still speechless. These pictures captured you both in your truest essence. It is like God made the two of you for each other. You are both simply timeless. We love you both and God bless.

Neelam - MashaAllah Se !!! These are truly amazing pictures. Seema you look stunning…Congratulations to you both!

Seema Aziz - I am speechless… the photos are more incredible than I could have ever imagined… thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see the rest!

Sam Hassas - Next level stuff Saad. Just remarkable. Congratulations Seema & Bilal. Your choice in a photographer was very wise. :)

Sheetal - these picture are so incredible I am seriouly blown away so many emotions captured I usually never tear up from pictures but these made me teary-eyed mA you did a fantastic job!

Sofia & Tony Thompson - Oh my goodness!! That was simply breathtaking!!! Beautiful!! Great photography! Congratulations to Seema & Bilal … there is nothing better in life than LOVE!!!

NSK - oh mi goodness. WOW. just wow. beautiful pics saad.. u have totally outdone yourself.. but it must have been easy with a gorgeous bride like seema! congrats to the happy couple! … i love the ruksaathi pics

Matt Allen - um WOW. i’m not sure how many there were but i wanted more. unbefreakinlievable.

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